Monday, September 6, 2010

Why this blog is gone.

I made a mistake on a forum and admitted to something that lots of farmer types do. Only I didn't word it correctly and some folks took it wrong. See, on the internet you can't tell the intonation or tone of voice something is said. They also didn't know me well enough to know that I phrase things differently and that I try to turn horrible situations into something tolerable through my words. I use a lot of facial expressions and tones of voice in my speech. That doesn't come across with typing.

So now I've had threats against my family and my farm. It seems these folks have nothing better to do than to comb through posts that I made years ago and dredge them back up. (Part of me is flattered that they have spent so much time on little old me, but still.) They have taken posts and pictures off my blog and facebook pages without my permission and are nitpicking them apart, twisting them and attempting to use them against me.

Make no mistake, I stand behind everything on my posts and blogs. I just don't appreciate people who have nothing better to do than to trying to tear apart everything that is wonderful and precious to me. I will not stand by and give them the access to my life like that.

So until these people decide that I'm no longer fun to threaten or chat about, I'm taking down my blog, tightening security on everything and I've gone as far as deleting accounts on sites that in hindsight weren't as bad and I thought they were. Maybe those conservative Christians weren't that terrible after all.

So until things blow over, I'm going to step back, relax and learn to pray for those who prosecute me. My Pastor was speaking about this a few weeks ago. Maybe he was right! In doing so, I will be a stronger person and as someone who can rise above all of this, maybe I can use it to help someone else on their faith journey who runs into people who want to destroy and not build up.

I guess I should thank them for furthering my Christian walk!

Thank you to all of those who follow and read my blog. I appreciate your interest and comments! I'll be back andn better than ever!


  1. you posted something on HT didn't you?
    if that is what you are talking about those people did the same thing to me.
    Don't let them keep you from writing about you and your family, they are losers with nothing better to do then sit on the computer all day long attacking anyone who does things differently from them. They are disgusting.

  2. I'm sorry to see this happen and to see you have to leave. I loved your blog and have missed reading it. Good luck with your farm and family and I hope you'll come back soon!

  3. Tonya, of all the people in the world, you are the LAST person who deserves any kind of attacks. I have known you for 10 years. You are the biggest "protector" kind of momma to your kids (human and animals alike!) Your family is beautifully and wonderfully made. Always know that the people who truly know you, not just your words on a screen, but know you personally, know that the judgments that are being passed about you by some very self-righteous internet folks are simply ridiculous and completely unfounded. It's usually those who are so outspoken about others who need to shut up and look at themselves. I admire your heart and your determination. I love that you can rock a sick baby (connected to tubes and machines) to sleep, love her so intensely, then tell her goodbye and pray for and love her family without judgment ... the same way you would go to the ends of the earth to nurse your animals back to health (spending your last penny to make sure that they got the best of care when others would simply have them put down because it's "easier and cheaper. That's how we do it on the farm.") You have a heart of gold, God knows it. He made it! Don't ever let the naysayers mess up your cheery outlook on life! I'm going to miss your blog, but time will pass, and I hope that you are able to move on, and in time find the courage to share your life with us again. Stick to your beliefs, don't change a thing, and carry on, knowing you have many friends behind you!